the Classics: Dale Earnhardt

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Who could forget this retard and his retard followers? Not only did he buy it doing something ‘he loved’ he bought it driving in circles, schilling cheap tools to ignorant trash. But adding that extra bit of funny was his lame ass death bump against the wall. No fiery blaze of glory here, no car flipping, parts flying extravaganza, just ‘bump’ ‘dead’. And the fact that it could have been prevented if he used a HANS restraint, but he thought it was too gay, or something. True Nitwitery™. I've hit old people harder and they’ve lived. Tough old buggers. And to everyone with a #3, or RIP Dale sticker, if you really loved him you'd drive into a wall too.

If only more nascar drivers could be like dale.

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lovenothate said...

ur an ass never wish death on nobody praying death on that gotti boy u should b sent 2 hell 4 that one u assface punk ass bitch!!!!!!!

Big AL said...

Your Hiprocisy amuses me. Do you play polo by the way? you should its very fun.

dale3 said...

your a dick he was more than you will ever be in you mothere fucking life you pice of shit your going to burn in hell bitch just like the first guy said i hope you hit a wall at 180 miles an hour you son of a bitch and i hope the fire crew dont get to you in time and you burn to death slowly FUCK YOU FAG KILL YOURSELF