Look on the Bright side of Life

We all feel for the kids killed at VT this week, a tragedy. But sometimes.... somebody like Anna Nicole bites the big one and, well, more air for the rest of us!!

If there was ever a waste of space she was it. Im sure her Meth dealer and possibly her many leeches and hanger-ons miss her, but the rest of us, even months later, ah... the extra bit of oxygen taste so sweet. So see, some times death is good, for the rest of us that is. God Bless us every one!


the Classics: Dale Earnhardt

this is now my desktop

Who could forget this retard and his retard followers? Not only did he buy it doing something ‘he loved’ he bought it driving in circles, schilling cheap tools to ignorant trash. But adding that extra bit of funny was his lame ass death bump against the wall. No fiery blaze of glory here, no car flipping, parts flying extravaganza, just ‘bump’ ‘dead’. And the fact that it could have been prevented if he used a HANS restraint, but he thought it was too gay, or something. True Nitwitery™. I've hit old people harder and they’ve lived. Tough old buggers. And to everyone with a #3, or RIP Dale sticker, if you really loved him you'd drive into a wall too.

If only more nascar drivers could be like dale.

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Baby buying madonna opens pie hole

Madonna to Media: "Shame on You!" from TMZ
Big AL to Madonna: "just die already"


Too funny

thanks, Maddox

Me so boring

Can something that’s barely alive die? Well, if its baseball it can, and should. But like a stubborn Terri Schiavo it just keeps lying there, pumped full of drugs, doing nothing, but somehow still showing up on my TV. And like Schiavo it needs its plug pulled. Baseball, die already. boobs nude spears owens


Beating a Dead Horse, Literally

Cory Lidle 1972-2006
Ah.. the overpaid rich boy that likes to play at flying planes. Your inability to kill innocents on the ground in noway mitigates your boundless stupidity at learning to fly a plane BY A BUNCH OF LARGE BUILDINGS. At least JFK jr had the decency to put it in the drink. But celebrities and rich douche bags, please, in no way let the death of a medicore pitcher deter you from learning to fly, and if you get one those parachutes for the plane, all the other pilots will laugh at you.